Who We Are

We are 80 hardworking individuals who come together each day to sustainably manage the city’s post-recycled waste through a circular process that preserves natural resources and the environment.

WIN Waste in Baltimore

WIN Waste Innovations embeds sustainability into every step of its waste handling process — from the moment waste enters our facility to the transfer of renewable energy onto the electric grid. By recovering and recycling reusable materials and transforming waste into renewable energy — offsetting the need for fossil fuels — WIN Waste plays a critical role in the sustainability of our planet.

Every day, the WIN Waste Innovations waste-to-energy facility in Baltimore converts about 2,250 tons of residential and commercial waste into renewable energy through a highly efficient combustion process that meets strict federal and state standards.

Offsets 648K barrels of oil

needed to create the equivalent amount of energy

Recovers 12K+ tons

of metals that would otherwise be landfilled


Powers the equivalent of 31K+ homes

with energy converted
from waste

Diverts 2,250 tons

of waste from already
near-capacity landfills

Eliminates Thousands

of tractor trailer trips to and from landfills

WIN Waste uses advanced continuous emissions monitoring systems to ensure air quality controls are operating as efficiently as possible and that emissions are minimized. We collect data every minute of every day, 365 days per year. The data collected are subject to daily calibration with National Institute of Standards-backed calibration standards to ensure accuracy, and an independent third party audits the data on a quarterly basis.

Why Waste-to-Energy?

When it comes to reducing greenhouse gases, waste-to-energy is the U.S. EPA-preferred method for end-disposal — for good reason.