WIN Waste Completes $45 Million Investment in Air Quality Control Upgrades

July 2023

WIN Waste Innovations has completed upgrades to air quality control systems at its waste-to-energy plant in Baltimore. The $45 million dollar investment helps ensure the plant is one of the lowest-emitting waste-to-energy facilities in the world.

Work on the upgrade began in 2022 and was completed in July 2023. The upgrade includes installation of state-of-the-art equipment and technology that will help WIN Waste environmental leaders keep the plant’s emissions well below even the strictest regulations.

“Our emissions levels are already consistently well below U.S. EPA and the even stricter State of Maryland regulations, but in working with City officials, we were asked to do even better. We’re proud to confirm we have done just that,” says Travis Satiritz, Corporate Maintenance Account Manager at WIN Waste Baltimore.

The WIN Waste plant converts up to 700,000 tons of trash into renewable energy annually. Processing the waste avoids methane emissions from landfills and reduces the number of tractor trailer trips needed to haul the waste there. This, in turn, dramatically reduces traffic-related air pollution, or TRAP, which, experts around the world agree, is the leading cause of the air pollution affecting people in urban areas.

Moreover, Satiritz adds, “Because our process greatly reduces greenhouse gas emissions, we are an essential player in mitigating the impacts of climate change.”

“We are excited to be at the forefront of waste-to-energy technology ,” Satiritz says. “Our ongoing investment in air quality means WIN Waste Baltimore will continue to safeguard public and environmental health, while sustainably managing the City’s growing amount of waste.”